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3 Awesome Summer Vacation Destinations

When the thermometer starts rising, the laughter of children playing is everywhere and your mind starts wandering to exotic destinations away from the office, summer has arrived.  And with it, the urge to plan a trip to enjoy some well-deserved holidays.  Just make sure you choose the perfect travel insurance to go with your perfect vacation destination, to enjoy your holidays to its fullest.

This will ensure that if something should go wrong while you are being abroad, money won’t be an issue at times when you are already stressed. There are plenty of paradisiac destinations all over the world, from white sandy beaches, to beautiful historical towns to extreme sites for the most adventurous.

Summer Vacation Destinations

Here you will find three awesome summer vacation destinations, hardly known yet totally worth exploring. Isla del Sol, Bolivia The biggest island in Lake Titicaca, it represents one of the greatest natural and cultural monuments in the world.

During the Spanish conquest, one of the most important religious sites of the Incan empire was located here. It is supposed to be the birthplace of the omnipotent sun god, Inti.  Its early inhabitants used to know the island by the name of Titicaca, from where the Titicaca Lake takes its name. The island, boasting rocky trails travelled by hikers, donkeys and llamas, Inca ruins and sandy beaches, is divided into three different communities.

The first one is the Yamani, in the south, the second one, the Challah, which has charming white beaches in the central-eastern coast, and Challapampa, on the northern side of the island.  You’ll find millions of agricultural terraces covering the island. Its unique ecological beauty makes it difficult to describe.

To enjoy its beauty in its whole, you should hike it from north to south, starting with the courtyards and rooms of Chicana, then going to the Rock of the Puma, heading towards the Inca Stairway to find the ‘fountain of youth’. Spencer Glacier, Alaska It is one of the most spectacular glaciers along the rail belt, named after the railroad employee Bill Spencer, who disappeared around there in 1914. The glacier is visible from the Glacier Discovery Train, winding through the Chugach National Forest. However, it is harder to reach, as there are no roads leading to the glacier.

There are narrated ranger hikes to the Spencer Lake, or if you are more adventurous, you can take and unguided trek to the glacier. For experienced hikers, it is relatively safe, as the hiking terrain is flat, and the scenery is breathtakingly Alaskan, with floating crystal icebergs, the Kenai Mountains with its snow caps and aquamarine ice caves.

However, travel insurance is highly recommended for this trek. At the glacier, you can enjoy floating tours, hiking, or you can even camp here. You will also find organized ice-climbing treks, which include rope climbing on blue ice walls. Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada This fairly known UNESCO World Heritage site is also known as North America’s boneyard, with millions of dinosaurs’ remains being discovered here. It is three hours away from Calgary, in the Canadian Badlands.

Bones and fossils of over 40 species of dinosaurs are scattered around lifelike rock pinnacles around the park. Access to the sites is limited, but during summer, you will find guided tours and educational programs available. You can also book fully equipped tents to stay onsite and enjoy hiking along the different trails. There is also the opportunity to join an authentic paleontological dig, but you need to reserve in advance, as only 6 persons are allowed to join each of the 30 two day excavations, where excavating techniques are taught, and research for the Royal Tyrell Museum is actually going on. No matter where you choose to go this summer, always remember to read your travel insurance policy thoroughly to make sure that your required cover is included, especially if you are going to adventurous or sporting destinations.

About the Author Jane is an avid traveler and world wanderer, who also happens to work in a travel agency, helping bringing people’s travelling dreams into reality, by helping them find the best deals in transportation, accommodation, tours, and travel insurance. When she’s at home, she loves cooking international dishes that take her and her husband to faraway lands.

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