5 attractive destination in Thailand

Thailand is a stunning country, where a number of fascinating sites and attractions. Tropical climate, diverse culture, and interesting places are enough to make this country one of the best places for tourists in Southeast Asia. Although there is much to notice and do in Thailand, there are five attractive destinations; tourists do not want to miss.

destination in Thailand

  1. Phuket is known for its magnificent scenery and beautiful beaches. It is the largest island and home to several lure. Those who enjoy trips to the beach there will be many options. Busy Paton beach with its shops and varied nightlife, with clear waters and white sands of Kata Beach, visitors will have no trouble finding a place to enjoy the warm climate of Thailand. Snorkeling and diving are relatively popular, and places like Phi Islands offer a large submarine landscape.

2 Chang Machen Mai, Chiang Mai also was written, is an excellent destination for those interested in learning more about the country’s memoirs and culture. This city is home to many Buddhist temples attractive. A temple is Wat Cedi Luong. About 600 years, which is both a historical and religious temple that once housed the famous Emerald Buddha? Other popular sites are well known religious Wat Pura Singh Wat Chiang Mum and age. There are also plenty of museums to visitors, such as extensive Chiang Mai Arts and Cultural Center. Wildlife attractions are easy to find since there are several parks, zoos, and botanical gardens elephants.

3 Kho SamuiKoh Sami often called just Sami is the third largest island in Thailand and is known for its natural beauty. Palm trees and coconut trees are found around the island, adding to its island atmosphere of relaxation. There are many beautiful beaches of Kho Sami, Lamia beach, and a pulsating nightlife. You can have a lot of fun to walk to visit Na Muong and Hen Lad waterfalls. Another pleasant expedition visit may include a visit to the statue of Buddha in twelve meters Wat Pura Yei. It’s easy to find tours in Kho Sami if you are looking for a walking tour around the island or a scuba diving trip.

4 Bangkok As the capital city, Bangkok is a modern and lively, with much to present travelers. This city is considered very friendly to passengers with a wide range of attractions and entertainment. Such as climate and population combine to make the relatively high temperature, it is important to dress appropriately while in Bangkok and stay well hydrated.

A popular attraction in Bangkok is the Grand Pala is. Magnificent architecture and beautiful scenery, much of which is made of gold, the palace is worth a visit, but this site also includes the current home of the Emerald Buddha and the reclining Buddha. While any holiday to Thailand is complete without sampling the local cuisine, Bangkok offers the widest variety of Thai and others. For those interested, it is also a great place to take a cooking class and learn how to prepare this unique cuisine.

5 Ayutthaya was once the capital of Thailand, and is a good place for those who want to enjoy a relatively less crowded tourist destination, but still a lot to see and do. Ruins and other historic sites are scattered around the city, including temples and architecture of the Siamese kingdom.

There are many methods to enjoy the city, such as a scenic bike ride. Another option is to cruise, many of which include an authentic Thai cuisine meal. They can be found on a boat tour and travel Ayutthaya. Incoming search terms:

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