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Don’t Waste Time With Inefficient Hot Tub Products

One of the most common reasons for buying a hot tub or spa is to spend some quality time relaxing in it, so the last thing you want is to waste time trying to clean it with inappropriate or inefficient products and equipment. There are however kits or purpose designed products out there that will not only be effective but will cut down on the time you spend keeping your hot tub clean and germ free. Of course, if you’ve invested (often fairly significantly) in a hot tub or swim spa, you’re going to want to keep it clean, tidy and well-maintained and, as such, we thought we’d take a look at just a few of the different products available, something which we’ve teamed up with www.aquaspasupplies.co.uk to take a look at.

Hot Tub Products

A Full Maintenance Kit

One such kit is the Maintenance Kit from Life spa and hot tub essentials which contains all the basics you need to keep your spa or hot tub in the best condition. You’ll get a Super-vac underwater vac to remove dirt and debris from the bottom, a pump attachment plus 2.5 metre drainage hose for emptying out the water, a filter sock with clip to retain the debris, a snap fit connector to attach to your hose pipe, a cleaning mitt and spa brush for removing dirt and grime from the hot tub along with a scoop for removing leaves and other floating debris and cover wipes to keep your cover clean. All come in the same kit so you’ll always have the essentials to hand for quick cleaning jobs and maintenance.

Of course there are also a number of other gadgets you can use to cut down on cleaning time. The Scumbug is one such item. Place it in a clean spa or hot tub and it will help to eliminate scum lines forming on the side. It is so efficient that it can absorb up to 40 times it’s own weight in lotions and body oils.

For instantaneous spot cleaning you really can’t beat the Grit Gitter. Simply place this hand held device over the grit or dirt and squeeze. The dirt is sucked up into the device and it’s such a fun item to use, you’ll find everyone wants a turn.

At the end of the day, there’s an extensive range of products available, all of which can help make the mundane task of cleaning your hot tub that little bit easier. It’s not a job anyone enjoys doing, however with the help of the right tools and supplies, it can be made that little bit easier and, dare we say it, a little more enjoyable.

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