Getting Back in Shape – The Real Way

It may be weeks, months or even years before you realize you haven’t been quite taking care of yourself. Being out of shape is not just a term. It literally and figuratively means you are out of shape. You feel out of breath when you walk less than a mile, your dress start getting tighter and you have to opt of sizes you never thought you will have to wear. And the worst part is, you start feeling lethargic all the time. Sometimes, you decide, ok enough is enough, time to get back to the gym and hit it up. But, you are unable to even lift 10 pounds without breaking a sweat and literally wanting to vomit.

We all need to start somewhere to reach somewhere. In life, in work, and even when you want to get back in shape. So, what is the real way to getting back from the shape you are in now?

Getting Back in Shape

The Right Direction

You need to know for a fact that your health is not limited to the Gym, a diet or an image you see in the mirror. Your health is what you make of it. The biggest difference is giving a damn about your body and choosing a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle. You need to choose what is right for your body and what is not. Start from there.

The Right Motivation

The real way to get back in shape is through finding the biggest motivation. You want to fit into the jeans you wore as a teenager? Now that is unhealthy. But you want to go down two sizes and remain healthy? Good choice! Find out the right mix of motivational movies, music, and the right individuals who will guide you through this transformation.

The Right Time

There may be a right time for everything. But to be healthy, the time is now. Grab it! Identify the different physical activities which you do not find boring or over exhausting. Start there. Slowly and gradually, increase the intensity of your physical activity without getting burnt out or even seeing it as a chore. Once you start enjoying what you are doing, the right time has already begun.

The Right Place

Being at the right place also matters. Like it was discussed earlier, the Gym is not the only place you can find your groove to get back in shape. The outdoors is also a great place to burn away those calories and lethargy. Go for a run in the woods, chop up some firewood, take a brisk walk in the park, climb those rocks in your suburb. These are all just small examples of the right place you can get yourself back into shape for being more confident, more enthusiastic and more powerful in life.

Talking to our expert trainers and support team at Fitness19 will also surely help you find the right direction to get back in shape and take on life as it comes.

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