How North Peoria Gyms Could Help Promote Addiction Recovery

From Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness, to cross fit and the YMCA, North Peoria has its share of gyms.  The physical benefits of exercise have long been documented.  More recently, the betterments for those suffering from such mental health issues as anxiety and depression have also come to light. What about assisting those on the road to addiction recovery?  An Austin, Texas gym is using arm wrestling to help tackle that exact problem.  North Peoria could follow suit by adding gyms into their substance addiction North Peoria center in order to make a difference and make the addicts recovery process run smoother and become more effective.

North Peoria Gyms

Underlying symptoms of addiction

To understand how gyms could help promote addiction recovery, it helps to understand some of the underlying issues surrounding addiction.  Though the exact causes of substance abuse may not be fully understood, they certainly stem from environmental and physical factors. The chemical changes that occur in the brain as a result of the false “escape” that drugs and alcohol provide, offer a temporary, often elusive, sense of relief to the user.  The user may also experience the following:

  1. Withdrawal from family and friends and feeling disassociated from life
  2. Repeated drug use and trying “harder” drugs to get a similar “high”
  3. A decrease in self-esteem and dissatisfaction with physical health and well-being

How exercise can counteract the effects of drug use

Each of the above phenomena has a counterpart in exercise, replicable in a gym:

  1. Team activities, from arm wrestling and bowling to rowing and basketball, provide withdrawn individual unique opportunities to interact with peers.  The rules are known and agreed upon.  The obstacles may be objects or opponents, but are certainly exterior to oneself.  If you or a loved one is on the road to addiction recovery, it hardly matters which activity you choose, as long as the sport is one that is genuinely enjoyed. It takes the individuals mind off their drug problem and why they are there in the first place when they undergo recovery at a drug rehab North Peoria.
  1. Often in the cycle of addiction, one must consume more or worse drugs in a desperate attempt to create a similar high.  Exercise doesn’t work that way. Exercise improves both memory and mental function, and less time may be required of individual exercise sessions to create similar endorphin releases with repeat regular exercise.
  1. On this third point, exercise excels.  A former addict will experience the exact opposite sensations surrounding physical health and well-being.  From better sleep and improved physique, to increased sex drive and cardiovascular health, the benefits of exercise may even undo some of wear on the body experienced when formerly addicted drugs and alcohol.

The road to recovery is often difficult, with relapse rates as high as 60% in the United States. North Peoria gyms could play a crucial role in paving a smoother road to recovery. The fact of the matter is that these individuals need to undergo rehabilitation at a drug rehab in North Peoria and go through with a holistic program, which will allow them to occupy their mind and body by going to a gym instead of smoking up or drinking.

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