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Safety Tips When Working On Your Home

When doing any type of work on your home, whether that’s decorating, electrical work or any other type of job, it’s extremely important that you take certain precautions in order to stay safe. Of course many of these will be just plain common sense but some go far beyond that. It’s often surprising how few DIY’ers fail to put in place the correct precautions to prevent accidents and, as such, we’ve teamed up with Edwardes Bros to take a look at a few top tips for working on your own home.

Remove Jewellery & Loose Fitting Clothing

It’s best to remove any jewellery that could get caught and cause injury just as it’s also important to avoid wearing loose fitting clothes that you may trip up on of get caught on tools or equipment.

If working with anything that could give off fumes that could potentially damage your lungs, make sure that you give the room plenty of ventilation. Make sure you also wear a suitable face mask to prevent inhalation of any harmful substances, and if working in a dusty atmosphere, a dust mask such as the Draper Comfort Dust Mask which comes with 5 spare filters would be ideal.

Safety Tips When Working On Your Home

Use The Correct Equipment

When you need access to an area high off the ground, don’t put yourself at risk by standing on something unstable which may cause you to fall. Instead use something like the Werner 3 Tread Step Stool which has large rubber matted treads to provide a non slip standing surface. It also folds flat for easy storage in a shed or garage.

Invest In Safety Glasses Or Goggles

You would be wise to also invest in a pair of Wraparound Safety Glasses or Safety Goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris, grit and dirt as well as a decent pair of protective gloves such as the Draper Heavy Duty Leather Industrial Gloves to protect your hands from damage and injury.

If carrying out one of the permitted electrical jobs, double check you’ve turned off the power before commencing and as an added precaution, ensure you wear rubber soled footwear to keep you earthed.

At the end of the day, most of the time, health and safety is simply nothing but common sense, however by taking a few simple precautions it’s amazing how many serious accidents can be prevented.

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