4 Secrets to IncreaseLean Muscle Mass Fast

You are reading this article means you want to increase fat free pounds of muscle in your body. Generally, people think that increasing muscle mass means bulking up, so they eat to bulk up. This process can be beneficial for hard gainer, but it cannot be applied as a general rule.

Lift Heavy Weights

You cannot get bigger unless you lift heavy weights. Use the heaviest weights by which you can perform 6 to 8 repetitions on a set. No need to complete more than 10 repetitions of an exercise, if you want to increase the muscle mass.

On the other hand, it is imperative to be safe when you are doing heavy exercises. You need to perform the exercise with the right form because improper form will bring unwanted results. When you find you are unable to perform a set of exercise, then decrease the weights. Don’t think this is the last day in your gymnasium, there is always a next time.

Legs and back consist of the biggest of muscles and you have a room for growth. Pay a visit to for genuine information about health supplements.

Feed Your Body Properly

The formula is quite simple; you are supposed to eat more than you can burn in a day. You had to focus more on consuming quality proteins along with carbohydrates. You cannot get bigger without protein and carbohydrates.

A beginner in bodybuilding asked me, how to get big, I told him to eat more than you require. He said okay and the next time I saw him he was eating French fries and creamy donuts. I asked them what you are doing; he said I am following your advice. See this is the problem in understanding when you are not properly informed. You can eat a lot, but this doesn’t mean you can consume unhealthy calories. You do not have to consume only those calories which are coming from fatty items. When you need to increase the muscle mass, you have to concentrate which is known as the building blocks of muscles and that is good quality protein.

Whatever you are eating split it in parts so that you can eat every three hours.

Cardio Exercises

Most of the bodybuilders stay away from cardiovascular exercises because they think it will keep a check on their increasing muscle mass. They are unaware that cardiovascular exercises will enhance the blood circulation in the body. When you blood is circulated properly the nutrients will help you to recover soon and body will build more muscles in less time.

I’m not advising you to prepare and train yourself for a marathon. What I am trying to say is, after a workout routine your body has burned all the calories which are readily available. Now if you will engage yourself in a physical activity, your body will burn calories from the fat deposits of your body. You need to do it only for 15 minutes and 3-4 times a week.

Health Products

Some health products are especially designed to enhance your lean mass. You can consume them after consulting with your physical instructor. For more information about health products, you can visit


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