A Look at Three Industries Who Use Rubber Sheeting

Rubber sheeting has a wide range of uses in industry due to the unique properties that rubber possesses.

A surprisingly strong, flexible material which is resistant to extremely high levels of heat and stress, rubber is ideal for any situation where anything needs to be either protected or sealed in.

Rubber sheeting can also be cut down into strips of shapes of any size, meaning it can be used for almost any requirements!

But exactly which industries make use of rubber sheeting? We’ve taken a look at just three.

Use Rubber Sheeting


Rubber sheeting products are used in a number of applications in the automotive industry, where strength and durability are key.

As vehicles increase in performance, they require more and more fuel to power them, which of course means they generate more heat.

Rubber sheeting can withstand very high temperatures without compromising its strength and so is perfect for use in a variety of parts in the interior of a vehicle such as gaskets, ignition cables, radiator seals and shock absorbers.

It is also useful for use on the exterior of vehicles in parts such as bumpers, where it has to be tough enough to withstand harsh wind and rain as well as ozone and UV radiation and possibly the odd collision!


When you think of military might, you probably think of steel tanks and fighter jets and the like, but did you know that the armed forces actually rely very heavily on rubber sheeting?

In the highly dangerous combat zones overseas, everything has to be as safe and reliable as possible and there’s no room for error so no risks can be taken.

This is why rubber is so highly regarded, as it is inherently extremely shock absorbent, strong and flexible.

So how exactly is rubber keeping the country safe? Well, it’s used in a variety of things such as huge flexible fuel tanks which are easy to set up and transport, long-term transportation of ammunition and explosives as well as huge floating anti-terrorism barriers which are designed to protect harbours and marinas from seaborne attacks.

You can learn more about the uses of rubber sheeting in defence in this infographic from White Cross Rubber Products, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of rubber sheet.

Public Transport

There’s always demand for better transport links, as evidenced by the government’s current plan for a high-speed rail network (HS2) connecting London to Manchester and Leeds.

Rail transport is now preferred to the likes of buses, and there’s a high demand for materials which will be able to withstand repeated intensive use while living up to stringent safety standards.

Special rubber sheeting is often used which will produce low levels of smoke or toxicity were a fire ever to break out on a carriage.

In particular, rubber is ideal for seals used on the lighting, windows and doors of train carriages as well as for vibration dampening and ensuring components are safe from corrosion from fuel, moisture, and temperature fluctuations.

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