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American fridge freezers, chest freezers or frost free freezers?

Some sad circumstances mean that I recently inherited some money and since our kitchen appliances have been temperamental for a while, I have decided to spend my money wisely and buy new replacements. First to go is our battered fridge freezer which – with all of its internal drawers snapped – has definitely seen better days.

American fridge freezers, chest freezers or frost free freezers

Since I am from a very big family and because I have wanted one for absolute ages – it would seem that an American fridge freezer would be a good choice for us, particularly considering the huge amount of space it provides.

Having ice cold water available on tap from the refrigeration compartment would also be a refreshing feature but I cannot help feeling that maybe a quieter chest freezers are the way to go. My father did use to have a chest freezer which he did find very useful for freezing the many pigeons he shot in his back garden (which he would then oddly – cook and eat!) so I know they provide much freezing space great for our family leftovers which I can gladly say do not include pigeon! Having both a fridge and freezer integrated into the one unit does limit the space you get for each compartment, so perhaps two separate purchases would be the better option.

A frost free freezer also sounds like a wise purchase since this variety enables very fast freezing capabilities in every compartment making the often infuriating, damp and cold process of defrosting redundant a very attractive feature indeed! As the food within a frost free freezer freezes, no ice crystals form meaning the nutritional value and taste of your food stays at its optimum. I think I should travel to my local appliance stores and look at the different types of freezers a bit further before making a decision. Incoming search terms:

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