Beautiful Mother’s Day Wishes And Quotes

The one who brought you down to this earth, the one who has been with you through thick and thin, The one who can never be replaced… MOTHER … she is a real bundle of joy, which needs to be Celebrated! So this mother’s day, we bring to you a few of the best mother’s day wishes, which will help you, show

Your affection for her… show her how well her grooming and upbringing is, how life becomes a much Better place when she is around, Celebrate happiness celebrate motherhood. Click For some Funny Happy Birthday wishes.

Beautiful Mother’s Day Wishes And Quotes

  1. To the best mother in this universe, “Happy mother’s day mom” thank you for everything you ever did for me, and for us! You deserve the best of everything in this world I LOVE YOU
  1. To the one who never stops the one who never loves us less To the one who sacrifices her happiness for us To the one who makes us who we are! To mom, “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”
  1. Behind every successful person Is a mother, Who brings the best out of them. You are my reason for success “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!” I love you
  1. Mom, I never tell you this but what you do for us, is simply amazing you are our constant support system Thank you for everything We love you!
  1. I can bring you flowers, I can bring you gifts, I can bring you all the riches in this world But trust me mom, Nothing can show you how much you mean to me Thank you so much for being there “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY”I love you!
  1. Whenever I cried, you were there to hug me And in all my happiness, you smiled along with me For this, and for many other reasons Here’s me , thanking you for being who you are to me, MY MOM “Happy mother’s day maa”
  1. You are the best gift I ever got from god! Happy mother’s day maa
  1. There are not enough hugs and not enough kisses to show you , how much I love you happy mother’s day!
  1. Mom’s cooking Mom’s love and mom’s care the three best things in my life “Happy mother’s day mom”
  1. To the most beautiful woman in this world, your love and your care And you’re cooking too They mean the world to me And I LOVE YOU! Happy mom’s day!
  1. You are that one person, Who can take anyone’s place in my life But trust me mom, Nobody can take yours “Happy mother’s day”
  1. You are the best, beautiful its Happy mother’s day
  2. To the best teacher to the best cook to the best caretaker to the best of the best I love you mom happy mother’s day
  1. From the day you bought me down to this world till today And probably for ever You will hold a very special place in my heart thank you for everything , mom “ happy mother’s day.
  1. Yours and mine, It’s a very special bond. Through all the happiness, And all the smiles, Through all the hardships, And all the frowns Through thick and through thin We will stay together You have been there for me And now its my turn to be there for you Lets never let this bond be broken I love you mom

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