Change Your Family’s Lifestyle for the Better with One Simple Product

In today’s society, technology has taken over. It is almost impossible to get your children to go outside! This is a notably unhealthy lifestyle and teaches children that everything good in the world comes from a screen! Children need to be outside, play sociably and imaginatively, and learn about the world around them. The decline in the amount of time children spend outdoors is not only a problem caused by smartphones and tablets, however — it’s also the fact that safe, clean green space can be hard to find in a city, and convenient or everyday bad habits are hard to break. It is really up to parents to get their children to get up and go outside, and looking for outdoor basketball equipment in Ontario is part of that task since it gives children incentive to go outside and creates a sense of fun that masks and often completely overshadows the element of exercise.

There are so many different options when it comes to encouraging children to get active — and many of these are seldom taken advantage of. If children had a reason to go play outside, it is guaranteed that they would do so. So as a parent, the challenge is to create a space that is interesting and rewarding enough to compete with the insular world of screens. When you research systems from Play Rainbow, you’ll see that many options are fully customizable, so that kids can have a say in the sort of playground they’d most like to engage with. Everything from slides and ramps to monkey bars and swings can be added and shifted around to fit your play set exactly right. This allows children to have a meaningful part in forming good habits at an early age, and shoes them how to take initiative and make independent choices.

If you’re worried about how quickly your child might grow out of a play system, there’s a great alternative option offered at Play Rainbow: what’s better than a round of basketball with the whole family to get the blood moving? A healthy dose of competitiveness does wonders for a child’s social skills and tolerance for challenges.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the average child is spending 7 hours a day in front of an electronic screen. This includes TV, cell phones, tablets, computers and game systems. The current recommendation is no more than two hours a day screen-time for children over two years old, and none at all for those under two. To implement this, they recommend having screen-free zones in your home. The play area would not only serve as a great screen-free zone, but it’s possible that when they get engrossed in their games, the kids will forget about being in that one entirely! Do your family a favour and get your kids back in the mood for outdoor fun and games.

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