Clen Stack Cycles – A Knowhow

Clen has to be stack with other supplements which match up with the chemical makeup of clen and not clash with it. The stacks of clen are of two types Beginners stack cycle and Advanced stack cycle. There are stack cycles for both men and women.

Clen Stack Cycles

Beginners stack cycle

  • For women would be for three weeks with a dosage of 80mcg per day.
  • For men would be three weeks with a dosage of 160mcg per day.

How to stack clen

Anadrol is another supplement that is stacked with clen and winstrol. This drug increases the red blood cells which are vital for supplying oxygen to all parts of the body, hence increasing better aerobic activity in the muscle, hence increasing the metabolism in turn burning the fat in the body. The second stack includes clen, dianabol and taurine.

Taurine is a sulphur containing amino acid which is very effective in metabolising fat. But usage of clen depletes the taurine levels in the liver hence stops the conversion of T4 to T3. So users of clen usually complain of painful muscle cramps. This can be avoided by consuming 3 to  4gms of taurine along with potassium supplements during the clen cycle.

There is another combination of staking clen that is Deca durabolin, Anavar but it is only done by some.

Anavar with the clen cycle is gaining momentum for achieving optimum cutting results form high energy workouts. During the clen cycle which alternate week usage of Anavar will give great results and clen cycle usage is So week 1 and day it will be 20- 40mcg and the increase of 20mcg daily for the rest of the week. With Anavar 50 mg daily, Anavar Week 2, day 1 it will 10-20mcg, 10-20mcg, 20-50mcg, and so on for the rest of the week.

Other clen stack options available for the user

Cytomel T3 stack

Cytomel T3 is a natural occurring hormone in the body and used to treat hypothyroidism. The safe dosage for cytomel is 25 to 100mcg. It has a short half life hence advised to split the daily dosage. So a dosage of 50mcg is taken in two intakes, 75mcg in three and 100mcg in four respectively. Usually cytomel pills come in 100mcg doses so you will need a pill splitter.


It is another supplement that can be stacked with clen. It’s full form is erythropoietin which helps in increasing blood cells in the body.


This drug is taken with clen stack to restore the male hormone testosterone back to working conditions and get it producing normally.

This cycle of novaldex starts after the complete stoppage of steroid for two weeks and the cycle of novaldex is carried for the same period. This can be taken with clen or it can be taken in the off period of the clen cycle as done with other supplements taken with the clen stack. The ideal dosage is 20-40mg per day. Starting low and building up till the end of the cycle will help immensely.

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