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Do You Need a Licence or Permit to Hire a Skip?

Hiring a skip is a great way of removing large and difficult to dispose of items, particularly in construction work. Skip hire avoids the burden of knowing what to do with your waste and ensures that your rubbish is disposed of both correctly and safely by the skip hire company.

However, it’s not quite as simple as just hiring the skip and expecting it to arrive and be placed on your doorstep ready to use.

Failing to have ensured that you are using your skip in the correct way could land you in trouble and even result in your skip being removed, therefore it’s important that you have been made aware of the procedures that are involved in skip hiring including licences and permits.

Permit to Hire a Skip

Apply for a skip permit 

Before hiring your skip and placing it on a public highway (including pavements, roads and highways), you will need to have applied to your local council for a skip permit in order to ensure that you are properly covered for the waste you are wanting to dispose of.

First things first, you will have to check what your local council’s skip hire permit guidelines are. You can locate the appropriate local authority regarding skip permits by heading to Directgov.

Contact your local council

Most councils should allow the skip hire company to directly apply for the permit themselves, however some councils could ask the individual requiring the skip to put in a request instead.

The simplest way to establish who needs to apply for the skip permit is to give either your local council or a specialist skip hire company such as Reds Skip Hire in Basildon who will be only more than happy to advise you about applying for a skip permit.

If your council requires you to put in an application for a skip as opposed to the skip company, the procedure in applying really will depend on the specific council in question and their practices. Some councils could require you to fill in an online form, whereas another may require you to visit them.


The cost of a skip permit really will depend on whereabouts you are located and wanting to hire the skip, but generally the average cost of permits is around £25. You may also have additional administration costs if your skip company were responsible for applying for the permit.

Skip permits typically last from about one to two weeks, however it is usually possible to extend your permit should you need to keep your skip for longer for an additional cost.

A useful tip to bear in in mind when requesting your permit is to make sure you apply for the skip permit in plenty of time before you actually need to use it, as the application process could take a few days before it has been approved.

Private Land

There could be some instances in which the positioning of your skip will not necessarily require a permit.

This is usually the case if you are wanting to put your skip on your own land as this typically wouldn’t require a permit as the positioning of the skip would not be on a public highway.

However, to be on the safe side, we would advise that you contact your local council to check whether or not you would need to apply for a permit.

Approved waste carrier

Another point that you should be aware of if that you will also be responsible for ensuring that your skip waste is disposed of by an approved waste carrier.

This is because all companies that transport and dispose of waste are required by law to have a waste carriers licence.

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