Embellish Your Beautiful Ears with Exotic Pearl Earrings

The power of a pearl is so portent that it grows on you; slowly and steadily to result in a desire to always adorn yourself with pearls. A favourite with the kings and queens, the rajas and the maharajas, the pearl still has an appeal few can resist.

Exotic Pearl Earrings

Be it rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants or necklaces, a pearl anywhere has the power to enhance your total appearance thereby making words of praises come your way. In fact pearl earrings have become very popular in the past few years with a lot of celebrities around the world endorsing it.

Different Types of Pearls That Can Be Made Into Earrings

 The category of pearl you choose for the earrings is also of utmost importance. Pearls can be broadly classified into à

  • Naturally originating pearls: These pearls are found to occur naturally in oysters at great depths in the ocean. They are however rare to find and hence extremely costly.
  • Cultured pearls: They compare quite well to the naturally occurring pearls but are man-made. Cultured pearls come mainly in the colours of white, black, pink and lavender and can again be of two types:
  • Fresh water pearls: These pearls are cultured in mussels in lakes, ponds and other fresh water resources. They are relatively small about 7mm in diameter, generally baroque shaped and well known for their lustre and luminescence.
  • Saltwater pearls: These pearls are cultured in oysters in saltwater pockets around the world. They are again classified on the basis of their place of growth and type of oyster used into à
  1. South Sea Pearls

They generally come in the colours of white, silver and an exceptional gold colour and are one of the rarest and largest of pearls.

  1. Akoya Pearls

Classically cultured in Japan, these pearls have a breathtaking brilliance and occur in the colours of white or cream with hues of pink, yellow or blue. They are the most lustrous pearls ever cultured and even though China has started to successfully make Akoya pearls, they are unable to match the lustre of the Japanese akoya.

  1. Hanadama pearls

The best and finest quality of Akoya pearls produced in Japan has to undergo certain laboratory tests and meet certain standards for them to be called Hanadama pearls.

  1. Tahitian pearls

Found around French Polynesia, these pearls are naturally black with an overtone or undertone of a riot of colours.

Pearls offer more choices with regards to quality, colour and affordability than any other gemstones found in the world today. Hence it would not be wrong to say pearls have now become a girl’s best friend.

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