Enjoy Delhi Cultural Scenes With Event Tickets Booked in Advance

Delhi is the largest metropolis in India and the 8th largest metropolis in the world, with a population of 16.7 million. It has a rich cultural heritage and a cosmopolitan outlook.

Months between November and February are usually the best ones to visit Delhi as the temperatures are low and the weather is pleasant. It is this time when Delhi comes alive with a series of events organized at popular venues like Siri Fort Auditorium, Kamani Auditorium, Mandi House, India Habitat Center and more.

The National Capital Territory of Delhi has a rich history. It has been inhabited since the 6th century BC. With the rise of the Delhi Sultanate, the city became the political, cultural and commercial center of India. Delhi also boasts a large number of ancient and medieval monuments which tourists flock to see. Qutub Minar is one such historic tower the city prides itself in. India Gate, a war memorial, is the national monument of India and is another major attraction. While enjoying these monuments, they love to catch the cultural scene in Delhi.

Enjoy Delhi Cultural Scenes

There are gazals renditions, qawaalis, musical instruments related events, dance performances, theaters and a lot more. There is something for every genre of audience. These days, the trend of stand-up comedy has also increased to a considerable level. People love to forget their worries and stress for some time and get drowned in humorous monologues of stand-up comedians. Delhi organizes a host of shows all round the year and the number of people enjoying these shows is witnessing a marked increase.

It is amazing to see long queues outside the avenues for tickets. Now, booking tickets to these events has become quite simple and hassle-free. Platforms like Book My Show, Paytm help culture connoisseurs to book tickets to these performance from the comfort of their home. They just need to visit the platform and choose events running in the chosen city. Choose the event which you would like to enjoy. These are usually one day or two day events. Choose date and time as per options available. You will also find a seat map on your screen. Choose and click on seats of your choice and it will lead you to the payment page. Th price of the seats may be according to its location in the auditorium. When you take the cursor on the seats, a pop up with rates will be seen. Make payment on the payment page using any of the options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Digital Wallets, etc. It is totally safe and secure. As soon as payment is processed, and amount deducted from your account, you will get a text message or an email with booking details. You may get a QR code as well which you need to swipe at the venue to get actual tickets. Thus, the whole process is completed in just a few minutes. There is no longer any need for standing in long lines just to buy tickets to any of your favorite events, when it can be done using your smartphone.

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