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Canadian families know how valuable summer months can be for exercise and active living, especially for children.Trampolines are a popular backyard staple, but many of the more traditional models come with design flaws (such as exposed springs and frames) that put your children at risk. Parents want their kids outdoors, having fun — but nobody wants them getting hurt and spending the summer recuperating in the hospital.

The best solution may be installing a trampoline with no springs attached — and one that hides the frame beneath the mat ensuring that no bouncer will come into contact with it. You may have heard the statistics — that 4,247 trampoline related injuries have occurred in the last five years. The truth is that traditional trampoline models are dangerous and, sadly, the government is not updating standards, so you may think you’re stuck with what you have.

The good news is that one company, Springfree Trampoline has been producing a safer trampoline alternative for over a decade. From a patented design (invented by mechanical engineer and concerned father, Dr. Keith Alexander)this trampoline combines several major features designed to eliminate the 3 major impact zones that cause injury for jumpers, while also integrating smart technology to create a digital gaming system called tgoma to help take digital games outside and make them active.

The SoftEdge Mat

The traditional trampoline mat sits on plane horizontal to the first two major impact zones — the coiled metal springs and the hard steel frame. The SoftEdge mat, however, is on a plane of its own. The springs have been replaced with composite steel rods placed (along with the frame) below the mat and out of reach of jumpers. The mat is also 30 times more shock absorbent than the foam pads of traditional trampoline models. This reduces recoil, cushioning the force of blows so that poorly aimed jumps and falls are less likely to injure. In addition the weight is distributed in such a way that falls are guided towards the center rather than outwards.

The FlexiNet Enclosure

The third major impact zone is the ground, and every Springfree trampoline is enclosed by a FlexiNet to catch jumpers and prevent potential falls. These nets are supported by flexible composite rods that bend and absorb the energy of bouncers guiding them gently back to the mat, but strong enough to hold up the net. The FlexiNet is strong enough to guide a 200 lb. man safely to the ground without toppling the trampoline itself. When you buy trampolines online at Springfree Trampoline, you know you’re investing in 21st century design that puts safety before profit.

The tgoma game experience

Did you know that the Canada Safety Council has released statements suggesting that trampolines are quite safe as long as you encourage your kids to follow proper safety guidelines? Note just how well the Springfree Trampoline design fits these guidelines, preventing injury, and encouraging safe play. In fact, the most common type of trampoline injury occurs when two or more jumpers collide. Springfree’s new quick and easy-to-install tgoma game app even uses sensory technology to encourage solo jumping, with games designed exclusively to work with only a single jumper at a time, reducing risk and rewarding individual effort. The tgoma outdoor digital game system encourages safe play and exercise for the whole family. Combined with the industry leading safety features of the Springfree Trampoline, families will have the safest and most engaging backyard trampoline experience possible.

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