Four Main Things to Consider When Purchasing Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions Online

Too many choices when you have decided to buy virgin hair extensions online, sometimes it is hard to make a decision, to keep things simple, here I list four tips for you to follow, to buy the right hair extensions.

First, pick the right color. It is overwhelming when you choose extensions in wrong color. It would be better if your hair provider can give you a color chart to you to pick the most suitable color. However, it is difficult for you to compare the hair color on your hand with the one on a computer screen. The hair color you receive maybe have a little difference with the color you see on computer. Please let the hair company to send you sample hair before placing your order.

If you can not find the hair color you want, just buy quality Brazilian virgin hair extensions and then dye them to the color you desire. If you go this option, try to choose hair extensions in color that is a little lighter. So you can dye them to darker shaded. Bleaching extensions in dark color to a lighter color may cause more damage.


Second, consider hair quality. This is the most important thing to consider when purchasing virgin hair extensions. Too many hair companies online to choose from, so the hair quality varies, Top virgin hair can last for 10 months and poor quality only lasts for one or two weeks. A lot hair vendors claiming they are selling virgin hair so it is so hard for you to tell whether the hair you are buying is real virgin hair or not. Virgin remy hair is less likely to tangle and shed because hair cuticles on hair face the same direction. If you have an enough budget, then go with virgin hair that has not been chemically treated. Although price for virgin hair is a little expensive, it worths.

There are currently several types of virgin hair in Brazil, Peru, India and Malaysia. Indian hair is usually thicker than Peru and other hair types, Brazilian hair is super soft and bouncy, very suitable for African American women.

Third, what purpose you used for? For a formal or a night party occasion, clip in hair extensions will be perfect for you because clip ins are easy to be applied within several minutes, they also have less damage to your natural hair than other permanent extensions. If you lead an active lifestyle, then those temporary extensions will work good for you.

At last, the hair quantity also needs to be considered. Each bundle comes in a certain weight. Most of them weigh about 100g for one hair bundle. You can get advice from your hair stylist to know how many bundles exactly you need. If you have long or thin hair, then you will need more virgin hair extensions than others. If you do not mind, it is best for you to send your photo to the website you are going to purchase from. They will provide advice on how many bundles you will need.

New Star is an experience hair vendor that wholesale virgin hair for years, they provide women with virgin hair in a lot of textures such as straight, wave and curly. Besides, full refund and return are also accepted when you are not satisfied with the hair after receiving. So, here the last thing I want to tell you is choosing a good hair vendor like New Star is very important.

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