Get A Rental Car & Explore Vancouver Island

Are you planning a trip to Vancouver Island? Don’t just hang out in the capital city. While Victoria is a beautiful place to the visit, there’s an entire island waiting for you to explore. Instead of sticking within the city limits, rent a car and spend a day (or seven) driving through the local towns. Vancouver Island offers everything from the raw to the refined. You can paddle through calm waters, explore old undisturbed rainforests, or travel the coast while visiting the local award-winning wineries.

The choice is up to you when you rent with a Victoria car rental service. Just remember the following features when you’re looking to rent a car in Victoria, BC. Your vehicle must be a safe addition to the road, roadworthy of any trip you plan around the Island. That includes off-island day trips by using the convenient BC ferry system. The best rental services will have locations at the major Tsawwassen ferry in addition to the Victoria International Airport and the Delta region on the Mainland. This makes it incredibly easy to coordinate the rest of your trip, as you can pick-up or drop-off your vehicle anywhere it’s most convenient. Just remember—freedom to do shouldn’t come at an extra cost. Car rentals Victoria residents trust themselves come with affordable rates and impressive customer service to make any holiday seamless.


Once you have some wheels, you’ll realize you’ve got a lot to see. Some of the best driving destinations in the area include the Royal British Columbia Museum, where you can learn about the island’s rich Aboriginal history; Chesterman Beach, which is a great stop for when you need to feel the sand between your toes; and Craigdarroch Castle, a relic of the Victorian era and a great family-friendly activity for a rainy day. You can head north to Tofino and walk the Rainforest Trail or go out on the water to spot some whales. When it’s time to eat, check out the Blue Fox Café (a lively breakfast spot), Kuma Tofino (a sophisticated sushi spot) or Rebar (a contemporary vegetarian eatery).

Make sure your trip is safe and successful by using the following tips. First, check with your insurance provider to be sure that it extends to rental cars at your destination. Second, while at the Victoria car rental counter ask for a number to call if the car breaks down or if you lose your rental keys. Third, check the car for cosmetic defects or damage, and let the company know about it before you drive off the lot. Take pictures if you can. Last but not least, don’t ever leave anything valuable in the car. Follow these tips to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable visit to Vancouver Island.

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