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Get Your Trees Prepped For Fall

Garden enthusiasts know that their work isn’t done just because it’s the end of the growing season. Fall is an industrious season, full of small and large tasks to be undertaken in order to prep your property for the upcoming winter. Fall’s cool temperatures make it easy to take on these outdoor chores, though you’ll probably still work up a sweat as you make your way through this list.

  • Mow your lawn one last time — If possible, use a bag when you cut your lawn to collect the grass clippings and other organic detritus. You’ll be able to use this later.
  • Rake, rake, and rake — If you have several trees on your property, this will be the biggest and most frequent job on the list. The city of Edmonton has special days on which they collect yard waste; however, we suggest adding them to your grass cuttings to use later.
  • Prepare your garden beds — Give your beds one last thorough weeding this fall. Remove any old or diseased vegetable and perennial plants. Then cover them with a mixture of the leaves and grass you’ve collected with any compost or manure you may have.
  • Bring in potted plants — Many of the materials used in these pots won’t survive the winter. Terra cotta and ceramic planters will crack when left out in the elements, so bring them into your homeor your shed.
  • Clean out eavestroughs — Much like the ground, your eavestroughs will have collected all of the fallen leaves of the season. This detritus can freeze, damaging the gutter and preventing it from draining excess water in the spring.
  • Winterize appliances — Water in any outdoor pipes or appliances will freeze, expanding until it breaks through and damages these structures. Drain your garden hose of any water and turn off the water leading to the valve.
  • Inspect your trees — We can expect a few storms with high-winds to blow through the province this winter, so it’s important you check that your trees are healthy enough to withstand them. Any loose branches or diseased looking limbs should be addressed promptly.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your tree is diseased, call in an expert. Edmonton arborists are trained to identify possible structural issues with both the deciduous and coniferous species on your property. Those companies that can prove they have earned their ISA-certification (International Society for Arboriculture), such as the Edmonton-based ChippsTree Care, have stayed updated with the latest diagnostic methods and low-impact pruning and removal techniques. These arborists will have easy-to-navigate websites where you can book their services, just like Chippstree.com, where you can find both fall maintenance tips and tree removal Edmonton homeowners trust.

Coordinate their visit with one of the weekends you plan on working out in the yard. That way you can get through your list of fall maintenance chores quicker, leaving you more free time to enjoy the season. Edmonton (and its large urban park system) is beautiful this time of year, and it’s worth checking out.

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