Give Yourself a Much-Needed Lift

Feeling a little insecure lately? Studies show that shorter men and women are more likely to develop low-self-esteem issues early on in life, and suffer with them all the way through adolescence and adulthood. Part of the never-ending cycle has to do with the way they are perceived by others as diminutive, insignificant, or unworthy individuals because of their size. This then affects their ability to feel confidence and understand their true potential as valuable members of society.

To break the cycle of negativity, you’ve got to step up and decide that you’re going to do something about this issue that affects you every day. Anything that can give you a little boost of confidence, self-love and optimism is a great thing to try out. Stay away from any products or procedures that claim they can change your height drastically within an absurdly short amount of time, as these are likely scams that are waiting to take advantage of you. Instead, try out a product that only gives you an inch or two but does so in a safe, painless, and cost-efficient way. Shoe lifts from AddHeight are perfect for helping someone feel just a bit more self-assured and important as they make their way down the street.

When you’re looking for convenient little lift, say, on a date or during a big meeting at work, you want to know that it won’t be too noticeable and that it’ll be wearable for as long as you need it to be. No sense in feeling uncomfortable if you’re trying to feel tall and confident, right? You want a memory foam insole that will mold to your heel and make sure that you are not experiencing any back or knee pain.

The great thing about AddHeight products is that you can wear them in any closed shoes you like, so that you’re never compromising your style. They slip right into sneakers, boot, work shoes and loafers, no problem! It might seem insignificant, but adding a couple inches to your height can really make you feel a world of difference. Whether it makes you feel just a little more powerful in the office while you’re giving a presentation, or if it makes you feel more attractive, all that matters is that you start to believe you’re more than just your height. And because it’s a completely flexible option, you can remove them whenever you start to feel that inner confidence with no help whatsoever.

The product, if it’s worth using, should be made of a soft, comfortable, but still supportive material, like AddHeight products are, with a silicone gel layer for extra softness on top. Generic height insoles are not usually a good option because they will never last as long as you hope that they will. Investing in a good quality insole will make sure that you are feeling good about your body and about your purchase, and they’ll give you the head start you need on your confidence.

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