How to Treat Negative Effects of Outdoor Irritants

As a mountain biker, you will ride your bikes in areas that are generally not visited by human beings. Because of this, these places may have objects and organisms that are harmful for humans. Mountain biking may be an exhilarating sport, but it is also a risky sport. Most often people ride trails casually but if you’re into competitive biking do check out best bikes for competitive preparation.

Now before you hop on and hit the trails there are a few things that you must learn like how to buy a mountain bike, riding techniques etc.

Learning the basics of mountain biking, knowing the risks and having the knowledge of how to mitigate the risks is going massive improve your training speed and keep you safe while you are t it. In this post, we shall discuss about outdoor irritants that mountain bikers face and what they do to cure it or avoid it.

When road cyclists first try mountain biking, they find it quite different and pretty hard. Some roadies quit after the first time. Outdoor irritant is another factor that makes roadies quit. If you are roadies who are looking to gain benefits of mountain biking, you should learn about how to manage outdoor irritants, because that will help you gain more pleasure from your short mountain biking experience.

Let’s get started.

Outdoor Irritants

Stinging Nettles

Out in the wilderness, you will be biking among several species of plants and shrubs. One of the most dangerous shrubs in the wild is the stinging nettle. These nettles are 3 to 6-feet bushy plants that are known to trouble hikers, campers and trail bikers. The stinging nettles have very tiny hairs that grow on their stems and leaves. When these hairs brush against human skin, they cause a really painful red rash.

To get rid of the harmful effects of stinging nettles, as soon as you are affected, you should take some water from your water bottle and rub the exposed area. If you have soap available, use soap along with water. If you don’t have soap available, rub the exposed area with soapy water as soon as possible. If the itch is intolerable, you can use rubbing alcohol or baking soda paste on the exposed area. For some people, consuming ibuprofen tablet brings relief to the itching and redness of the rash.

Cactus Spines

If you ever take an unfortunate fall on the cactus plantation, you will feel an immense amount of pain. The pain will not be from the impact of falling; the pain will be because of the spines that will get inserted into your skin. To get rid of the pain, use tweezers to remove the spines. Remember, not all spines are straight; some of them have bent shapes, so recognize the shape and then carefully remove out the spines with tweezers. For the removal of fine needles, apply duct tape on your skin, press it slightly and then remove it. This should remove the fine painful needles from your skin. When you reach home, wash the affected regions with soapy water and then apply antibiotic ointment. If swelling persists for more than a few hours, consult a medicine practitioner.

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