Increase Your Strength By Joining An Indoor Rock Climbing School

The popularity of indoor rock climbing can be gauged from the fact that there are not less than 250 indoor rock climbing walls in UK today.  Rock climbing that used to be the practice ground for experienced climbers has now become a playground for enthusiasts of adventure sports. Although considered as an athletic sport, people of all ages having different fitness levels and physical abilities can try their hand it, at least at the beginner’s level. There is a common misconception that one has to be strong enough to take up indoor rock climbing. This is not correct because what matters in rock climbing is proper technique and not physical strength but mental agility. But in the process you become fitter and stronger.

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Get stronger

Many consider rock climbing as vertical chess because a lot of mental activity is involved in working out the best and safest route of climbing. Problem solving ability contributes greatly to succeed in this sport that requires good foot work and the ability to position your body correctly.  You have to be mentally strong to hold your nerves and plan in advance some moves that pave the way to success. No matter what height you are able to climb, one thing is for sure that you are going to emerge stronger from the experience and have a better body with a tough mind.

Techniques matter a lot

Relying on strength too much can lead to frustration in rock climbing. Instead, knowing the right techniques could make you an efficient climber. Many beginners tend to utilize the strength of their upper body to pull them up and this is a big mistake because it wastes too much energy. In order to conserve energy it is recommended that you use the legs to push you up. Stand on the big toe as this is the most sensitive area of the foot that gives a better feel of the grip and also by raising it you can gain some height.

Muscles are worked up

Improvement in physical strength happens due to the use of almost all kinds of body muscles in the climbing process. The leg muscles, abdominal muscles and back muscles are all strengthened and the arms, fingers and shoulders are equally used to make it stronger. There is significant improvement in stamina as the body becomes more agile and flexible.

Improves mental health

One of the biggest takeaways from rock climbing is that is makes you more confident to meet challenges and elevates self esteem that leads to positive thinking and improves mental health that spells your well being. The sport teaches you to enjoy success as much as you can learn from failures. It improves your ability to concentrate and overcome the fear of failure to chart the path to success.

The sport of rock climbing can only leave you a stronger person, both mentally and physically. You can enroll at an indoor rock climbing school and get a feel of the things by availing taster sessions that are offered for newbies and the decide the future.

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