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Keep Your Restaurant’s Fridge up to Standards — Call Local Technicians

The last thing your trendy restaurant in downtown Toronto needs is a faulty fridge. You rely on that appliance to make sure you all-local produce and meat stays as fresh as the day you got it at the farmer’s market. As soon as its temperatures start to fluctuate or if it stops entirely, it’s not just the quality of your food that’s at stake. A malfunctioning fridge can result in unsafe conditions that can get people sick. You don’t want to get slapped with a Toronto DineSafe penalty or have to shut down your restaurant for a few weeks as your recover from this terrible slight on your culinary reputation. Avoid it altogether by making sure you have the top rated professional ready to make speedy maintenance checks and repairs.

Proper temperature control is vital in safeguarding the quality of food, as it can delay the bacterial growth responsible for food-borne pathogens. A variety of things can stop your kitchen’s fridge from keeping the correct temperatures (ideally something between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius). Unsanitary conditions can be at fault, as food debris can clog internal parts of the appliance and dirt can build up and reduce the efficiency of the evaporator coils. Mechanical errors can also cause your fridge to breakdown suddenly.

Whatever is at the root cause of your kitchen nightmare, a local commercial fridge repair service is available to help. There are plenty of reliable appliance repair companies that service the top restaurants in Toronto, such as Toronto Refrigeration. These companies come with expertly trained technicians who are skilled, insured, and experienced enough to complete any job. In fact, Toronto Refrigeration can repair your appliances — anything from the latest high-efficiency washer and residential heater to commercial refrigerators and microwaves.

Sticking with home-grown repair technicians can help mitigate the effects a faulty fridge can have on your business. One of the best commercial fridge repair technicians Toronto has to offer can be dispatched right away and arrive at your place of business within the city as quickly as possible — even if you realize the error well passed closing time. No time will be wasted as you wait for a technician to arrive. As a result, your much-needed repairs will be performed and it will be business as usual in no time.

There’s already enough things to worry about while managing a busy restaurant in Toronto’s entertainment district. Don’t let faulty appliances join the list. Find a local repair service you can count on for the toughest repair jobs. They’ll even offer a few maintenance tips to keep your fridge running better for longer between their visits.

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