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Making Refreshing Changes to the Kitchen

It’s not always a case of emptying your wallet and spending every last penny when it comes to giving your kitchen the refreshing update that it needs. As one of the most used rooms in the home it can become easy to neglect the kitchen and start to look past items when they look worn or tired. As kitchens are usually quite an expensive room in the home to decorate, it can often be pushed to the back of the list and other rooms take priority. This shouldn’t have to be the case, however, as there are so many ways in which you can create a stunning new look for your kitchen without having to bleed yourself dry.

Making Refreshing Changes to the Kitchen

Your Kitchen Cabinets

When you invest in a durable, stylish kitchen you usually expect it to last for many years to come. And whilst the kitchen units themselves can last you for many, many years, you often find that the kitchen cupboard doors can become a little tired and worn. This doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands on a whole new kitchen. One of the most popular ways to give a little life back to your kitchen units is to simply remove the doors and give them a fresh lick of paint. Whether you go for the same colour or something new, you can inject a brighter look into the doors and bring the whole kitchen back to life.

If you don’t feel that painting the kitchen cupboard doors will work for you then there is also the option to get yourself some replacement kitchen doors. Replacement kitchen doors are ideal for giving your current kitchen a new look. Whether you stick with the original design of your current kitchen cupboard doors, or you decide to go for a Shaker or Country style, you will be open to a whole host of colours and styles to choose from whilst saving yourself money at the same time.

Switch up Hardware

The handles, pulls and knobs in your kitchen are used every single day, usually multiple times, resulting in them eventually wearing and looking old. It’s surprising to many, but your kitchen door knobs and cupboard handles actually make a large impact on the rest of the room. If you have a stylish, clean set of hardware throughout your kitchen you’ll notice a brighter, complete look. When you have a worn set that has more than lived its life, you notice the kitchen seeming a little tired and worn down as a whole, which is often not the case at all. Adding some new cabinetry hardware to your kitchen will not only add value, but also lift the atmosphere and create a much stronger look for your kitchen.

Statement Features

It’s becoming more and more popular to include statement features in homes today, from large mantelpieces to huge staircases, and it’s also a popular choice in the kitchen too. Investing in a statement lighting feature, such as a pendant light or stylish hanging design will add character to your kitchen as well as a stunning focal point. Another popular option is to introduce a feature wall. Choosing one wall of the kitchen, make it stand out and look great by adding a new colour, contrasting to your current theme, or even some wallpaper with a nice design on. This will brighten your kitchen overall, add a brand new look and also create the perfect focal point.

Fresh Furniture

You often find that your kitchen itself is not the problem and that sometimes you just need to add a little something new to the mix to get that bold, refreshing feel. For those kitchens large enough to accommodate furniture, adding a new kitchen table or some new chairs can be enough to often lift the atmosphere and create a whole new look. How you style will help to capture the right theme and create the perfect look for you and your home. You could even add simple features such as a new clock, some family photographs dotted around the room and even a stylish vase holding a stunning bouquet of flowers to freshen up the area.

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