Pets As Service Animal Are One Of The Best Public Companions For A Mentally Challenged Person

An old age debate about the comparison between dogs and cat’s smartness is still going on. The discussions always keep the cats on top because of their intelligence as they are difficult to catch and independent as well. The degree of intelligence you can feel when they show their affection which will always beyond your imagination while playing they will just show how they can use you at the time of playing. And so the cat can be trained to perform specific tasks.

Pets As Service Animal

What is the meaning of service cat?

A cat when being trained to perform some specific tasks for others benefit. Mostly the tasks are related to a person’s disability. in public places also they may be used as a companion to the disable person The amendment in the Americans Disabilities Act allows people with mental disability to keep the pet as a companion which should be service animals.

Up to what extent the cats can be trained?

They can be trained to perform almost all kind of amazing things including obedience. Which means cats can be trained to obey your commands. After getting a cat as a companion for a disabled person, the family and friends around you will be amazed by seeing her performance.

Although training them is not quite easy but if they can be trained to the extent that their behavior will ensure a happy and lively relationship with the owner is enough to serve them as companion. Thus if the people with disabilities will be provided with cat for his or her treatment as companion, the illness can be cured. These cats may help in calming down patient’s with post-traumatic stress disorders, for lowering BP level to the patients when cuddling and striking them etc. They are also eligible to develop feeling of positivity and happiness in patients which surely promote the healing process.

Exceptions for landlord’s from Housing rights for ESA

It is mandatory for landlords to make accommodation for keeping an ESA under Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1998. This act directs all the landlords to be adhered to the law. But there are few exceptions where the landlords are not necessarily required to make accommodations for the service animals. Which are –

  1. If the building is not big like with four or less units where landlords are also residing there, then the law is not mandatory for him.
  2. If the property is rented out without a mediator (real estate broker), then in that case the landlord is not required make any arrangements for keeping service animals.
  3. In case of private club or hotel or a motel property, the landlord is also not required to make this accommodation.

So, the service cat can be the best companion for the people with mental or psychological disability. They can give comfort, affection, and other human care facilities. All the above reasons are more than enough to keep a cat as a service animal.

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