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Revisualize Your Home: 3 Simple Tips

Feeling inspired lately? If that’s the case, don’t let a good thing go to waste! If your environment is currently filled with clutter, then maybe it’s time to update your surroundings. With that said here’s three simple tips for redesigning your living spaces.

Revisualize Your Home

1.) Wall Colors. A great place to start with an assessment of your home’s interior. Pay attention to where the natural lighting accents the interior, since the walls and rooms that receive the least natural lighting should be lightest in color as possible. This way you’re maximizing brightness and expanding the perceived size of the interior.

You might go with using complementary tones to contrast colors, separating as a dual tone wall with top and ceilings lighter with a darker bottom. Finish this up and select matching moldings and trim accessories for that polished look. Follow through and make every room shine!

2.) Hanging Art. Once your wall colors are chosen, the process of picking perfect spots for paintings and pictures can begin. This can be an art unto itself. So if you’re looking at freshly painted walls, compare with floor colors and window drapery.

Going a step further, how about blending the colors and shapes of picture frames? Use services like Frameology to create custom framing as well as print-on-demand for high resolution photos. Taken together with wall colors and natural lighting, you might be amazed at how dramatically different the outcome will be.

3.) Indoor Houseplants. One of the best ways to revitalize the home is to bring the outdoors indoors. Get creative and choose a variety of houseplants in different shapes, planters, and sizes to bring your entire house to life. Also consider themes you can create for each room with complementary arrangements. Look over each room, especially kitchens and bathrooms for plant locations.

At the same time, you’ll be improving both air quality and increasing indoor oxygen levels. Some plants are better than others for indoor air plant for purification. Interestingly enough, RodalesOrganicLife recommends choosing certain house plants like Boston Ferns and Palm trees to English Ivy and even Rubber plants.

It’s often overlooked, but our surrounding environments affect our moods and can impact long term health. That means a harmonious home environment is a healthy one. MamasHealth points out that if your home environment is not conducive to relaxation, you are more susceptible to chronic conditions related to stress in the long term. So take the time to revisualize your home, then reap the benefits of your handiwork!

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