Smoking Hot and Roasted

Has the thought of visiting a smokehouse restaurant ever crossed your mind? Been looking forward to have that taste of slow-roasted, braised or smoked beef or pork inside your mouth and completely fill your heart’s and stomach’s desire? Well then, I guess we might have just the right answer for you. We shall look further at what this restaurant really is, how they started and most especially the services they offer besides the sumptuous meals.

Smoking Hot and Roasted

When you look at the site of this restaurant,, you will surely be taken away from the world you currently reside in and been a fond of. This surely will take customers out of their world not just through the sumptuous meals made out of freshly picked ingredients and intricately prepared and cooked meat but also even through the aesthetics provided by the restaurant. Before we head on to these very considering and high influencing factors as to how they can change a person’s point of view and things that they have been fond of, let us first discover their history – the story behind how they started. This awesomely smoking hot and fresh restaurant has been established just back in the year 2015. Located in a former 1930’s garage at South Melbourne, this restaurant has been able to serve and provide customers a delicious clash of the Eastern and Western flavors.

The name of this restaurant? Meatworks Co. This restaurant, bar and grill was made possible by the meticulous design skills and work of art of Lindsay Jones-Evans, who have also already brought to life other favorite and famous eateries in Sydney such as Jones The Grocer & The Victoria Room. Lindsay has been bringing the beautiful concept of establishing a traditional smokehouse restaurant up to now. In this steampunk and traditionally inspired premises found on Ross street of South Melbourne, you’ll surely be able to have the opportunity to have a taste of the kind of barbecue smokehouse food that you have been waiting for all this time.

With all the anticipation and suspense built up, let us discover the sumptuous meals that they offer as we look at the site of the restaurant. This smokehouse restaurant is able to offer a wide variety of dishes suited for a casual but certainly mouth-wateringly and stomach-filling tasty lunch to an enjoyable dinner with friends and even up to a meal and chat made to impress your potential clients. Besides the traditional smokehouse barbecue that they serve as well as the perfectly slow-roasted, braised, and smoked meats, they also partner these with salads, sides, and other vegetarian options. So whether you are a meat-lover or a committed vegetarian, this restaurant’s menu is able to provide something to satisfy your taste buds and stomach through their extensive menu.

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