Synthetic Supplements Can Be A Health Hazard

A Human body is a combination of different organs performing their functions together. Even if one organ stops to function, the whole body loses its normal behavior. To keep the body healthy, people hit the gym today. They either workout at home or go to gym training their muscles. Exercises like the weight lifting, running etc. help in the development of muscles thus giving you a healthy and flexible body which in turn gives you the confidence. Though health is one factor, body building has become a trend today, as most men and women are involved in building their muscles as a matter of attraction. This is done naturally by the body through the secretion of testosterone.

Synthetic Supplements

Testosterone functions

This is the male sex hormone which helps in the sperm development synthesized by cells called Leydig cells. It also plays a key role in the development of the male secondary sexual characteristics which includes body mass, increased muscle strength, production of red blood cells and body hair. The anabolic steroid should be secreted depending on the body mass index. High levels of testosterone secretion can lead to baldness, aggressive behavior and anxiety. Lower levels of testosterone can lead to low body mass, decreased sex drive and bone loss. It can also cause cardiovascular diseases in men. In females, it’s secreted to only fewer amounts for the development of ovaries. Testosterone can also be used as a medication to treat breast cancer and in men with low production of natural testosterone levels.

However, this medication when taken in heavy dosages can lead to serious side effects like acne, bodily hair, liver toxicity, heart disease etc. This medication is not advisable for women during pregnancy and breast-feeding. When it comes to puberty in males, pituitary gland and testosterone are the growth hormones which play a major role. During puberty, the pituitary gland releases a hormone called the luteinizing hormone which induces the production of testosterone. The pituitary gland also induces another growth hormone called the insulin. Both the growth hormones combined helps in protein synthesis and in the production of lips and fats for developing the body muscle naturally. They also help in increasing the body muscle and maintain the size and strength.

 Despite achieving it naturally through a healthy diet and regular exercise, some people consume supplements. One should understand the difference between building the body muscles naturally and building muscles by taking supplements. Natural ways will protect the muscle strength along with body mass whereas supplements will only increase the muscle and will never protect the muscle strength. Hence steroids like HGH, Human growth hormone are globally banned by sports authority and it cannot be bought without a prescription. It is a vital substance in many growth inducing drugs which are consumed by many athletes to improve athletic performance. Though this hormone is produced naturally by the pituitary gland which helps in increased bone density and maintains the health of human tissue, people who want to look young and who have lower levels of growth hormone secretion take them as pills or in the form of injection. This steroid is not FDA approved and people get it from online pharmacies and websites without a prescription. In some cases, people use both testosterone and HGH stacked together. Testosterone helps in boosting body muscle where as Human growth hormone helps in gaining lean muscles and healing properties.  Taking both together will help in body mass index and development of lean muscles.

Side effects of Human growth hormone

When produced naturally in the body, it follows its functions with no side effects or harm to the body. Consuming synthetic hormones like human growth hormone which are produced in the laboratory can help in muscle development but not in a long run.  Athletes also believe that it helps healing faster. Athletes tend to get hurt more often. This is when they consume human growth hormone steroid to recover faster. Though they are advisable for consumption by the medical research council, body builders and athletes still take them for developing muscles, improved performance and to look young. It is better to opt for healthy eating habits with regular exercise and training to attain the bodily structure instead of taking synthetic supplements and suffering from heart diseases and other bodily ailments. All this happens only when people understand the difference between eating healthy and eating supplements.

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