The Hottest Xbox One Games Announced at E3 2016

The rest of 2016 is going to be a good year for gaming, if Microsoft’s presentation at this year’s E3 is anything to go by. There will be a ton of new hardware and accessories slated for release within the next 12 months. Xbox One S, Project Scorpio, and even digital VR are coming up, but that doesn’t even compare to the excitement felt about the newest games ready to hit shelves. There are so many, in fact, that you might find it hard to do anything but play your Xbox.

Battlefield 1

In a market saturated with alien and faraway future warfare, this game from EA Dice is a surprisingly sweet breath of fresh air. Going back to the First World War, the October release promises a first-person shooter set in the trenches. In fact, as hard-core gamers will remember, it’s the first game since 94’s release of Wings of Glory to touch upon the subject. Expect to use the typical weaponry of the age, including bolt-action rifles, artillery, and melee weapons as you engage in combat.

State of Decay 2

Though not a brand new game, this sequel is a hotly anticipated installment to the series. Building off of the first zombie survival game, this latest addition will include innovative features like cooperative gameplay in an open world environment to create a fresh take on such an old genre. Expect the game to rely on the same elements of stealth, strategy, and scavenging as the first.

Gears of War 4

Another update to a popular series, the fourth game in the Gears of War franchise will continue on the same vein as the rest of the installments. The October release promises subtle difference that innovate game play, including new weapons, defensive manoeuvers, and weather systems (e.g. windstorms).

For extreme fans of the Gears of War franchise, there’s also a limited edition controller that collectors can snag. But at a whopping $249 — before shipping and handling and tax — that’s an upgrade most gamers can’t (or won’t) afford. And no wonder, at nearly half of the price of the entire system, it’s hard to justify its cost for novelty.

Under $50, on the other hand, is much more reasonable to spend on a fashionable upgrade to the controller — which is what you’d spend on a quality-made, customized skin. They offer an affordable way to update the look of your Xbox — Kinect and console included — as Xbox One skins cover the entire gaming system. Available in a variety of colors and textures, they can take on a weathered appearance like the Gears of War special addition controller, or they can do something entirely different to your Xbox but for a much lower price.

Since these skins (or decals, as they’re also known) will be covering a good portion of the system, it’s important to make sure your skin is made with the best materials by a dependable team of engineers. Don’t think it too extreme to call these designers engineers, as they have to guarantee a cut that matches the Xbox’s dimensions perfectly. An ideal match is like the fit offered by the designers at dbrand, who can confirm their decals are made-to-measure within a micro-millimeter of Microsoft’s original blueprints. When you customize your Xbox with a dbrand skin, you don’t have to worry about overlapping pieces getting caught in your toggles and interfering with your future attempts at scavenging as a State of Decay 2 player. Nor do you have to play through frustrating lag-times as your Kinect struggles to pick up a signal. Xbox One skins are slim enough that it does nothing to impede any function of your console.

Customizing is a huge luxury, especially when it can cost you an arm and leg from official sources, but don’t get taken in by impressive designs until you can confirm the decal fits like a glove. Xbox One decals can be made with precision, so you can play the upcoming releases in style. So check out your options as you wait for the fall to release some of the biggest games of the year!

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