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Tips for Exhibiting Memorabilia

If you are an individual who loves to collect items, you are probably going to want to show them off. After all, there is little sense in accumulating an impressive assortment of items only to have them collect dust in a box. It is not simply enough to lay out your collection, nonetheless. You need to be able to exhibit in a magnificent manner for full effect. Fortunately, there are numerous ways that you can combine a love for décor with your collection. Here are a few ways that you can do this:

Tips for Exhibiting Memorabilia

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Frame It

The first thing you are going to need to do is to get a couple of frames online. Remember to get them according to the sizes of the collectibles. You should note that this is a great option for shirts, jerseys, pictures, and smaller items. However, the collectibles do not have to be flat – you can easily put three dimensional items in a frame. You can then display these around the house much like you would photographs. In order to maintain some form of uniformity, ensure that the casings are of the same colour. It would also be a nice touch to make sure that the borders are of a similar width and design as well.

Floor to Ceiling Display

Typically, a collection will contain elements of similarity. Thus, it is a good idea to group of all of the items together. Even better, is to create a ceiling to floor display made up entirely of your memorabilia. This way, the entire collection really stands out. It also acts as a shrine to one of your favourite past times. It is up to you whether you want to create order among the collectibles or if you do not mind a haphazard display. Avoid putting the pieces too high near the ceiling or too low to the ground. This can make it difficult to properly view and admire the item.

Use Floating Shelves

When in doubt, you can always go with a classic – have your entire collection distributed among shelves. However, it is a good idea to avoid a cabinet or a bookcase as this can look a little outdated. Instead, opt for floating shelves. This way, you will add a fresh take on something that is done quite frequently. If you want to take this up a notch, you can always add a little excitement behind the collectibles. Have a statement wall on which you can stack the shelves. This way, your items will pop a little bit more.

Mount Them on a Wall

You can always be very bold in how you want to display your memorabilia. Instead of having any covering or stand, you can simply mount them on the wall. You can use hooks or adhesives and simply stick the memorabilia on a single vertical surface. This effect is even better with collectibles that are not typically meant to be hung. Either way, it will be a startling and cool result. Just make sure that the items are fixed properly to the wall. You may want to avoid doing this with any collectible that may be damaged if it were to fall to the floor.

If you are tired of hiding your collection away, there are now plenty of ideas that you can use. You will be able to display your items in a beautiful and unique way.

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