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Top Cleaning Tips for a Spotless and Safe Home

Every household should be clean and well maintained, but it can be hard to achieve this if you don’t know the most efficient and best ways to do so. If you are looking for some quick and easy tips to make sure your home stays clean and tidy, read ahead.

Cleaning Tips

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Use Microfiber

Many people use paper towels or rags in their cleaning efforts, but these can be ineffective and can even add to the contamination of various surfaces. Instead, have several microfiber cloths for cleaning specific areas or items. These will be easy to wash as well, as you can just wash them like regular laundry. They can be reused almost limitlessly, and they are good for sanitizing surfaces. Make sure you don’t use the same cloth for different areas, especially in the kitchen, as this can lead to accidentally spreading grime or other unwanted substances to other areas.

Know Your Way Around Stains

A huge part of common household annoyances is dealing with stains. If you want to make sure that you treat stains quickly and effectively, find out some of the best home remedies and stain products for different types of stains and then put together a stain removal kit for each one. Some example to get you started are vinegar and dish washing liquid for mustard stains, enzyme detergents for barbecue sauce, and nail polish remover for oil and grease. You can find pages and pages of remedies for different stains on different surfaces online.

Recognize and Remove Mould

It can be extremely dangerous to leave mould untreated, or simply fail to notice that it may be growing. Often this is because mould spores can affect the interior or walls when there is a leaky pipe, or get in between grooves of tiles that you would not easily notice. It is ideal for you to have kitchen and bathroom tiles that are resistant to mould, but you should also make sure that you clean thoroughly and keep these areas well ventilated and dry. If there is a mouldy area on any walls, this could be an indication of a leaky pipe, so it would be best to have a professional check on this, or you will continue to have a mould problem. Other ways you can keep away mould growth is by using a humidifier or desiccants.

Sanitizing the Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most important place to maintain the best hygiene. In fact, your kitchen sink can actually have more bacteria than the toilet! Use disinfectants and those microfiber cloths to regularly clean the sink and all areas involved in your food preparation. Clean out the fridge regularly as well. Frequently check for expired items, leaking food containers, and mould or mildew growth. Additionally, when you are taking out the kitchen trash, make sure you clean out the bin as well, as this is a prime spot for bacteria and fungus to thrive.

These are only a couple of the simple things you can do to keep a safe and clean household. These few efforts, however, will go a long way to protecting you from illness and to make home maintenance a total breeze.

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