Ways to Take Your Kid’s Party to the Next Level

Every kid looks forward to their birthday party. Their parents? Well, maybe not so much. As fun as kids’ parties can be, they can be awful stressful for the parents who are tasked with planning them. And if that task has just fallen to you, you’ve got your work cut out for you.


But you want to get this right. You want to make your little one’s dreams come true and throw them the best party they’ve ever had. So what can you do? For starters, you can try these tips and tricks for taking your kid’s party to the next level.


Plan ahead


It’s hard to find a party planning guide anywhere that doesn’t include this rather obvious tidbit. But you really should take care to plan ahead because it really will make for a better party.


It will make you less stressed to plan things out ahead of time, and you could save money if you book and rent things early — and those are all good things. But think about your child, too. The guest list is a crucial part of the party, and planning ahead means you have a better shot of getting parents and kids to save the date of your kids’ party. You don’t want to wait and find out that nobody can make it on the day of the party or — worse yet — that the party conflicts with some other kid’s big birthday plans.


Let your kid help you plan


Kids have big ideas. Sometimes they’re too big — you can’t have this party at Peppa Pig’s house, no matter how much your kid wants to. But, other times, your kid’s plans will be doable or able to be converted into something a lot more reasonable and just as fun.


As a parent, you’ll have to guide your child through their choices. You’ll have to set parameters and expectations. But don’t keep your child out of the planning process! Let them offer suggestions, especially in response to structured questions from you and any other adult party planners.


Letting your kid help out in the planning of the party is a great way to get a party that is tailored to their tastes. Plus, it will help your child learn responsibility and planning in a fun way.


Rent the best equipment


Bounce houses. Dunk tanks. Slides. Is it the state fair? No, it’s your kid’s big party — and you didn’t have to break the bank to get it done.


You might be surprised to find out just how affordable it is to get entertaining installations brought to your party site on the big day and then carried off again when the festivities are over. If you plan early and use the internet, you could save even more!


Instead of plunking down lots of cash for an all-in-one birthday party package at the local kid-friendly arcade or amusement center, why not bring the party to your home or to a public park (don’t forget the permits) with rented equipment? It will be more personal and more exciting than having your kid host the fifth Chuck-E-Cheese party of the school year.


Call in the clowns (or the characters)


Live entertainment isn’t just for the stage. You can create an exciting attraction at your kid’s party by borrowing the talents of some entertainers.


It’s not too pricey to hire costumed characters for birthday parties, and doing so can make your child’s party the talk of their friend groups and classmates. You can go the classic route and hire a clown, or you can work with your kid to find out which characters are the biggest deal to them and their classmates right now. When the main character of the latest hit animated movie shows up to your child’s birthday party in person, none of the kids there will ever forget it.


Planning the perfect kid’s party doesn’t have to be that complicated. Just get some feedback from your child, plan ahead, and hire the pros to bring the entertainment. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy your next-level party.

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