What is winstrol? And how it works?

Winstrol was introduced in 1960’s by windrop laboratories and approved by FDA. Winstrol chemical name is stanozolol. The main function of this drug was to treatment of anaemia. But due to its DHT (Dihydro testosterone) production property it highly usable in muscle mass gain and become popular among athletes.   It also helps in the production of red blood cells in natural ways. It also non-progestenic which make it more antique because through this property Estrogens  related side effect like high BP, anxiety attack will not occur in users. So winstrol is a safest method to improve your body performance. It also helpful in bodybuilding. Let’s study about this drug in detail:

What is winstrol

How it works?

Winstrol is a Dihydro testosterone (DHT) derivative. DHT is not converted into estrogens. If 5% Testosterone produced then it will directly converted into DHT. It also increases the ability of body to production of RBC. This red blood cells help to carry blood in whole body but also in muscles. So its increase the focus and concentration which help to enhance your ability. So this oxygenated blood gives you relief from crams and pains. It’s also help in tone up bodies. Help to lean the muscle mass. So, overall strength and performance of body will be improved after usage of winstrol. You can purchase 2 and get one free.

Side effect of winstrol:

If any anabolic steroid will not be consumed in prescribed way then it causes some serious effect to your liver. Telling you some symptom which can be save you from any serious problem like:

  • If Skin appears yellow in colour after consume drug
  • Your abdominal start pain
  • Vomiting
  • Dark colour of urine and light coloured stool
  • Fatigue and tiredness

Some severe side effect can be:

  • Headache
  • Burning sensation around joints
  • Acnes appears on face
  • Start Hair loss

If you facing this type of symptom then immediately contact your doctor. If you feel any allergic reaction then also consults your doctor like skin irritation, itching, menstrual irregularities (in woman) then definitely need doctor.

If you are suffer from any serious disease then never be consuming this drug. This disease may be:

  • Any heart disease
  • Any type of cancer
  • Liver, kidney related problems
  • High Cholesterols level

How Winstrol cycle follow?

For woman:

This drug is available in both form in injection form and oral from. For beginners, cycle of 4week is recommended by practitioner. Take drug every second day of week (10mg per day)

For man

Man athletes can take higher dosage of drugs than woman. Man cycle will be 6-8 weeks. A dose of 50mg recommended for man. Never exceed 100mg per day.

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