Which lip filler option to choose for Lip Enhancement?

What is Lip Enhancement?

Lips are the ultimate sensual facial feature and one of the first things noticed by the next person. Being the very central feature of the face, they tend to attract a lot of attraction. If the appearance of your lips as thin, lined and asymmetrical bothers you, lip enhancement is a cosmetic treatment that can help you gain confidence.Lip enhancement can be done by using lip injections and fillers. It is a cosmetic procedure that gives you fuller and plumper lips as a result.

Lip injections are the most common method adopted for lip fillers London. They are also additionally used to reduce any lines or wrinkles around the mouth. Lip fillers come in various types. You can choose one based on your own personal concerns, the results you desire and the expertise of your plastic surgeon.

Some of the changes that a skilled aesthetic practitioner can make are:

  • Restore volume to ageing lips
  • Add volume to thin lips
  • Smoothen the vertical lip lines
  • Treat the asymmetrical lower and upper lip by making them more symmetrical
  • Refine the shape of lips

Lip fillers London

Types of Lip Fillers

Juvéderm (Hyaluronic Acid)

Juvéderm is a hyaluronic acid lip injection that is created by Allergan Inc. It is the same company that owns the fame of Botox. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. It is a major component of the human skin where it acts the function of providing moisture, plumpness, firmness and aids the tissues in the repairment process.

Juvéderm is directly injected into the skin to add volume to the lips and reduce the lines and wrinkles that may exist around the mouth. The entire process of injecting Juvéderm into the lips does not take more than 15 minutes and can be done during the short lunch break from the office.

Pros of Juvéderm

  • The procedure is very short.
  • Results appear almost immediately.
  • Since hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, it is very unlikely that an allergic reaction may take place unlike the use of synthetic materials.
  • Excessive preparation is not required.
  • Once injected, the filler supports and shapes the tissues of the lips.

Cons of Juvéderm

  • Treatment can be expensive.
  • You may have swelling for 24-72 hours.
  • You may have bruising for 1-2 weeks.

Restylane (Hyaluronic Acid) Lip Filler

Another hyaluronic acid-based lip filler. Restylane has been used in over 11 million treatments worldwide since it was first stabilized for non-animal-based usage. It is also the first hyaluronic acid filler that was approved by FDA for cosmetic treatments.

There are several types of Restylane fillers and each of them address a unique cosmetic concern. Your surgeon can use different forms of Restylane based on his experience and your personal case. Restylane is also applied via injection under the skin.

Pros of using Restylane

  • The procedure is relatively short.
  • Results begin to show within a few days after the treatment.
  • The side effects are very minimal and almost go away immediately.
  • The amount of substance to be used can be controlled so the practitioner will have more control over the amount of volume that is to be given to the lips.

Cons of using Restylane

  • Side effects include swelling, redness, tenderness and pain at the injection site.
  • You may have swelling for 24-72 hours.
  • Can not be used when the patient is pregnant or nursing.
  • Bruising may occur and can last for up to 1-2 days.

Radiesse Lip Filler

Radiesse also known as Radiance is a synthetic filler made from calcium hydroxyapatite, a substance similar to the bones. It is injected into the skin for lip augmentation.

Juvéderm and Retsylane are considered better solutions for lip enhancementas Radiesse has the tendency to form nodules. Also, the white colour of the Radiesse sometimes also shows through the thin skin of the lips, making the enhancement seem very unnatural and unpleasant.

Pros of using Radiesse

  • Almost no allergic reaction, infection, pain or scar formation.
  • Patients can return to normal activities almost the next day
  • Radiesse can last up to 2 years if it continues to be touched up

Cons of using Radiesse

  • The risk of allergic reaction, infection, pain and scar formation does exist.
  • The filler is quite expensive.
  • The use of Radiesse in lips comes with a higher risk of lump and bump formation.

Fat injection as a lip filler

Fat grafting is a treatment that involves using fat from another part of your body and use it in another pace as a lip filler. Autologous far transfer requires three steps whereliposuction surgery is required on different parts of the body without making any incisions. The second step is isolation and cleansing of the fat cells. The third and final step is of injecting the fat cells into the lips.

 The procedure is a delicate one and must only be handled by people who are experts in fat transfer procedures. With this procedure, an augmented lip contour can be achieved that is quite long lasting.

Pros of fat transfer

  • Fat looks and feels very natural in the lips
  • The results are very long lasting (2 years or longer).
  • No risk of allergic reaction at all as no foreign material is introduced into the body
  • No incisions need to be made. Hence no involvement of cuts and bleeding.

Cons of fat transfer:

  • Fat transfer procedure is longer and more invasive than a simple dermal filler.
  • It is more expensive.
  • The swelling usually lasts longer.

The most important consideration remains that you choose a cosmetic practitioner who is highly experienced, has good testimonials from his previous clients and an extensive knowledge of the facia anatomy to avoid any complications. This way your cosmetic practitioner will understand which filler is the best option for your lip enhancement when you book a consultation session. The selection of the lip filler from among the wide variety of lip fillers options available will be based upon your unique needs.

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